Student Testimonials

Due to Thomas International Education I am studying master of science (Physics)in Australia . Thanks you.

Sabnam Thapa Australia

I am thrilled to say that my visa was successfully granted, and I am now well on my way to starting my new adventure in Australia. I cannot thank Thomas International Education enough for their outstanding support and commitment to helping me reach my goals.

Sabin Gelal Australia

Thomas is wonderful organization with help full team. Thanks to Thomas International Education.

Anit Ghale

I want to give thanks for Thomas International Education Pvt. Ltd. for there support, help and guide.

Nisha Kumari Kamu Magar Australia

I feel so great to be a part of Thomas International Education Pvt.Ltd. Thank you so much THOMAS for providing me proper counseling and guidance for visa success to study in Australia.

Prashu Ram Chaudhary Australia

” All of the members of THOMAS were impossible to believe! I felt that they genuinely cared about my abroad education career and did everything they could to assure that I got the best experience possible. I couldn’t be more satisfied! THOMAS is astonishing!”ones again thank you for Thomas international Education Consultancy.

Chitra Neupane Japan

“I am Mr Rudra Katuwal, former student of Thomas International Education Pvt.Ltd. I am so happy that I had choose THOMAS for my Japanese language study. True counselling, quality language and family environment I Think in my success Thomas Education played a vital role

Rudra Katuwal Japan

I am writing this testimonial to express my heartfelt gratitude towards your team for successfully guiding me through the process of obtaining a student visa for Australia. The experience was seamless and hassle-free, thanks to the expertise and professionalism of your staff.

Rajiv Adhikari Australia

From the very beginning, your team provided me with clear and concise information on the requirements and steps involved in the visa application process. The constant support and encouragement throughout the journey was incredibly helpful and made the experience much less daunting.

Ritika Humagain Australia

The personalized approach and attention to detail was truly remarkable and I was amazed by the prompt response to my queries and concerns. Your team went above and beyond to ensure that my application was well-prepared and met all the necessary criteria.

Mausam Dhakal Australia

I am thrilled to say that my visa was granted without any complications, and I attribute this success to the guidance and support of Thomas International Education. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to study abroad. Your team is simply outstanding and I cannot thank you enough for helping me achieve my dream of studying in Australia.

Sunil Kumar Devkota Australia

Thank you, Thomas International Education, for making my dream of studying in Australia a reality. I will always be grateful for the help and support you have provided me.

Pratima Karki Australia

I would highly recommend Thomas International Education to anyone who is looking to study abroad, as they truly are the best in the business. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients is truly unmatched, and I am grateful to have had them by my side every step of the way

Anusha Shrestha USA

Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and they went above and beyond to ensure that all of my documents were in order and my application was as strong as possible. They also provided me with invaluable advice and support throughout the entire process, which gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

Ayusha Pokharel USA

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