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THOMAS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PVT.LTD  is a registered company under Nepal Government’s Company act with the soul objective to cater almost all the services required for abroad study, under one roof. We are very proud of our strength and experience, which enables us to provide genuine counselling, admission to the reputed universities and colleges of your desired country and also complete and hassle free visa processing assistance along with various test preparation classes.

For most of us study abroad can be quiet expensive option but studying in highly standard and quality education provider, equipped with ample of infrastructures, backed up by sufficient resources, not only ensures your better learning but also provides a student vast exposure and experience of the real world where s/he learns to tackle the challenges in real life ahead. There are so many good reasons why an international education is very much desired today i.e. in order to strengthen academic power, enhance career and employment options, personal developments and so on. Pursuing your education in a college or a university abroad also enriches you with language and cultural experiences, more public relations, travel, pursuit of your various interests and ultimately prepare for global job.

She added that using a line of credit is a common short-term strategy to help small nonprofit groups such as the ecs balance their books, and she said that the loan would be paid off by the end of the year.